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Categories starting with B

Items starting with B

Biking in Macedonia

8 days/7nights tour

Discover Macedonia in a different way, take a ride on most exiting roads, mountains, cities and villages in Macedonia… as well take a rest and enjoy walking, shopping… Bike with modern mountain bikes, with expert mountain bike guide…

Bitola City tour

half day tour

The city of Bitola also known as the “City of Consuls”. Even today you can notice the faded elegance of the facades of the houses in the Sirok Sokak (Bitola’s main promenade) which is always full with people. This tour includes visit of the ancient locality of Heraclea Lincestis, one of the best preserved ancient cities in Macedonia…

Byzantium Art in Macedonia

8 days/7nights tour

Being near the 2 most important centers in Byzantium empire Thessaloniki and Constantinople, have left mark on the artistic creativity in Macedonia. Yet being far enough to preserve Slavonic traces in that culture, has made Byzantium culture in Macedonia unique. That culture in Macedonia is a bridge between East and West.

Byzantium Balkan Tour

10 days/9nights tour

Byzantium Empire is one of the empires that have left enduring mark in the history of the mankind. Encounter of two different cultures  Greek-Roman and Oriental culture have made Byzantium empire and from that encounter Christianity was born.
With this tour you will have a chance to visit the most important cities of the former empire and their cultural achievements.