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Balkan Tours

Albania tour - Tirana, Durres, Elbasan

<h2>full day tour</h2>
<p>Experience Albania with all of her contradictions. Cosmopolitan Tirana opposed to small mountainous villages, small markets with fresh products opposed to extravagant restaurants, brand new Mercedes cars opposed to animal-drawn carts, sandy beaches opposed to its high mountains.</p>

Byzantium Balkan Tour

10 days/9nights tour

Byzantium Empire is one of the empires that have left enduring mark in the history of the mankind. Encounter of two different cultures  Greek-Roman and Oriental culture have made Byzantium empire and from that encounter Christianity was born.
With this tour you will have a chance to visit the most important cities of the former empire and their cultural achievements.

Classical Greece

8 days/7nights tour

The cradle of western civilization, Ancient Greece, even today still attracts everyone's attention for the life of the great conquers, thinkers, poets, philosophers and certainly, the mythical creatures and God and Goddesses who ruled the lives of the ordinary people. Only the thought of ancient Athens, Sparta, Thermopiles, Delphi, Epidaurus, Micenya etc... is a reason enough to organize this spectacular trip in the times past...

Kosovo & Macedonia Tour

6 days/5 nights tour

Visit the most important cities and monuments in Kosovo and Macedonia. Visit the dynamic and energetic Kosovo and its cultural monuments of all the cultures that have lived in this area. While visit of Skopje, Bitola and Ohrid in Macedonia will give you chance to see different aspects of colorful Macedonia culture


7 days/6nights tour

Serbia is located in the center of the Balkans and it’s a crossroad where different cultures have meet through centuries. Its capital city – Belgrade – is dynamic and vibrant city. There, maybe, the encounter of Europe and Asia is felt the most. Visit of the city of Novi Sad, mountain Zlatibor where you can feel the rural and idyllic life of the county side as well the hospitality and delicious and specific
cuisine of Serbian people