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Hiking & Villages

Biking in Macedonia

8 days/7nights tour

Discover Macedonia in a different way, take a ride on most exiting roads, mountains, cities and villages in Macedonia… as well take a rest and enjoy walking, shopping… Bike with modern mountain bikes, with expert mountain bike guide…

Hiking - Mountain Galicica Ohrid

full day tour

Galicica is a mountain located between Ohrid and Prespa Lake.
Famous for specific flora with 800 different plants and herbs, as well as specific morphological forms for which this mountain is named for a 7-s most attractive parks in the world by National Geographic in 2002.

Mountains and valleys Macedonia

9 days/8nights tour

Abundance of high mountains in Macedonia make her ideal destinations for hiking. Different morphology, different flora and fauna of each mountain, are challenge for every mountaineer and of course that brings lot of pleasure and enjoyment… Discover the mountains of Macedonia.

Village tour - Brajcino

full day tour

Visit the most famous Brajcino eco-village, located on the slopes of Mount Baba in the Prespa region. Visit the church St. George in Kurbinovo which is one of the best achievements of Byzantine art.
The journey leads along the coastal area, through the mountain. Brief introduction to the specific flora and fauna of national park Galicica

Village tour - Vevcani

half day tour

One of the most famous and most developed tourist villages in Macedonia, the village Vevcani, for which its locals proudly say that Vevcani is more beautiful than most of the cities in Macedonia.
This village is known with Vevcani’s springs, Vevcani’s carnival, its architecture ...